Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween Netflix Recommendations 2014... Finally.

Yes I should have done this weeks ago, but I've been a bit busy this month between being on set, visiting my family for Thanksgiving and doing multiple horror photoshoots. To make up for it this month's recommendations will be solely horror movies and nothing else since that is what October is for. Without further ado here is what you should be watching on Netflix Canada this month (Bold = new):

-All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
What seems like a traditional slasher flick will surprise you with how some friends choose to start their senior year of high school.

The film follows a sexy psycho as she tries to add a little love to her life. Lots of T & A.

A forced week of sobering up in the middle of nowhere ends badly for a pair of high school friends who've lost touch with each other.