Tuesday, 5 November 2013

And Hallowe'en Came to an End (Been Blogging for 2 Years)

Jack o lanterns, they just get better with age.
Well it's a few days late, but the most wonderful time of the year has come to an end. And somehow over the past two years I've had over 9000 clicks on this here blog. Wondering why I wasn't posting on Hallowe'en? That's because I was busy watching women strip whilst dousing themselves in blood. Yes, I went to the Bloody Betty Black Mass, of course a few movies were watched prior to the 9pm show (Addams Family and Trick 'r Treat if you were wondering) as well as the completion of my pumpkin carving task and getting my costume prepped and ready. Now you can read on for photos of my pumpkins, an assessment of the Bloody Betty show and my annual list of all the horror movies I've watched.